Fender Deluxe Big Block Stratocaster
Fender Deluxe Big Block Stratocaster

Deluxe Big Block Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

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Shy 04/21/2006

Fender Deluxe Big Block Stratocaster : Shy's user review


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Big Block Stratocaster with HSS config micro (enforcer-type) of the DeLuxe series made in Mexico.
It has an alder body, satin black color and the head, and a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard 21 frets.
Guides are square rather than points which gives it a little more aggressive.
The acastillage is chrome, and understand the mechanical oil bath and a Vintage Style Synchronized Tremolo, a 5 position pickup, one volume knob and one tone.
She is dressed in a magnificent mirror pickguard!
Clearly it to class!
It is a bit heavy for a Start, but you soon.
I would put 10 because it really is better than what I thought!


No problem it's a Start! Very intuitive, there are direct position!
The tremolo is very good and much like the agreement!
The handle is very nice: it plays fast and technical like that quiet can play with feeling! A real treat!
The body is a little heavier a little tired after playing 3-4am!


I have not connected first try! bin and it sounds great beast!
lens as very sound proof of the quality of the wood!
After a few minutes with the beautiful m'acoquiner I decided to plug it into my Vox AD120VT combo! First modeling of a Twin Reverb! My god that soundtrack!
Whether with the humbucker in the bridge position, or handle that happiness!
The sound is very beautiful medium with a touch of fever (less than the other strata I think) that gives it a unique character! good for now though ca pete!
Then I put a modeling marshall! Raah my ancestors! With a slight crunch has all goes pete's double gives good, I play must be very accurate if a station's fault! harmonics sound good, I share a little blues, I'm starting to love c'te shovel!
I push the go vice: A modeling Mesa Dual Rectifier, I push a little gain, you will wait qd not even try a piece metal?! BEN I WILL HOLD ME GENER!!
Rah the guy she was in the belly: it's going to the neo, the heavy in the black, to hardcore, big-doom or heavy rock is all done!!
Enough to manage with the selector to find his position as each character has his very own!
I love this guitar!


I have now for one week, well for now I plainds not!
I admit I buy on a whim for the "mouth" (it has beautiful for that matter!) and once connected it's ben a killing!
I told her not to empty the guts and I take a pleasure to play on!
I hate to play it in concert in order to push the amp ...
I really am not disappointed at all! It is a beast of ROCK'N'ROOOOOLLLL!!