Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Maple
Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Maple

Eric Johnson Stratocaster Maple, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Eric Johnson series.

biloute_du_77 01/22/2008

Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Maple : biloute_du_77's user review


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I said that I listen to a bit of Eric Johnson, but I'm not a fan of what he produces or the remains of his sound. Do not rely on it for purchase.
Basically an American Vintage 57 Start modernized: maple veneer neck, vintage pickups boosted the sound (especially the bridge pickup), medium jumbo frets and radius of 12 (rather flat)
The EJ combines what has made the reputation of the vintage and modern instruments. It is subtle at the interface between two worlds
Nitro varnish because I wanted a Start that I would keep my life and to improve with time.
No detail is left to chance to make it the most: the varnish, the handle carved specifically for the wood grain convey perfectly the sound of the top of the neck to the body, a bone nut, stepped to the mechanical to do without eyelets retention, lack of paint in the vibrato block for it to fit perfectly to the body and that any vibration is transmitted.
The sound possibilities are multiplied by the tone knobs very effective and progressive. Unlike other strats, the button traditionally dedicated to the tone of the micro environment that is dedicated to the bridge pickup.
In short, in terms of specifications, what I like:

Channel maple a little tiger is beautiful but also the sound is slamming
-Jumbo frets and radius of 12: all the comforts of modern fabric
Form-original sleeve: very big at the base, slightly V, C and fine then quietly for Solotti
-Tuners: vintage, which made me a little scared, but they do not move a hair
Tone-effective and very wise choice to devote a button rather than micro micro bridge of the environment.

What I like a little less
Channel sticky after a while
-Vibrato, but more because I never got too interested in this stuff and I can not adjust the spring tension for my liking.


Handle very nice, perfect playability.
Access to acute: There's good but it will only 21 boxes which is sometimes inconvenient for some songs
Ergonomics: I forgot to say that it is very light, much more than my old strat RI
Do you get a good sound easy? : Yes but you have to use its full potential, that play with volume and tone knobs


Here is the top. Of all the strats I've tried is the one that has the largest range of sounds. I mean there are bridges and middle pickups and very bright pops and a neck pickup so deaf, gross (some would say flat). For some songs it's great for others you will find there are too many medium and slamming. But the tone very progressive can always find a solution very satisfactory. After must be adjusted according to their tastes. Fan of Fender, I think it still sounds great in a mesa studio preamp and it is the solution for which I chose. Basically what I mean is that you can be surprised or disappointed at first but it must be time to try it, play with all settings and perfect it all with a good quality amp.
Note that even in a Pod sound is much more dynamic than other guitars.


Stratum is my dream and that perfectly matches my needs.
It's a beautiful guitar but hey I think there's a good handful of euros for the brand name + the name of the artist (2290 euros). New: count between 1300 and 1600, according to the state.