Fender Hot Rodded American Lone Star Stratocaster
Fender Hot Rodded American Lone Star Stratocaster

Hot Rodded American Lone Star Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

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Ayikoe 03/10/2003

Fender Hot Rodded American Lone Star Stratocaster : Ayikoe's user review


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Guitar made in United States, purchased in 2000 at a price of 8200 FRCS (but after the flames of dollars, I see this guitar-rare to deumeurant-11800 FRCS currently displayed in the music stores! they put gold hoops in between?)

Standard size round us handle more lightweight than a bomb strat standard, jumbo frets

easel simple, well made, but anecdotal vibrato, we'll talk instead of trmolo!

slecteur microphone positions 5, 3 knobs (volume and tone)


Easy guitar to play as all models of the brand. on the other hand, its weight a little bit of a lev the quality of its wood requires the use of a strap a bit wide. but hey, it's still lightweight qd same as a guitar!

Given the quality of the wood, the sustain is excellent, the diffrence between the microphones is DIFFERENT brand of blues to his "Tchink" dry reggae to double its saturated seymour duncan below ... is the versatility, the grain and the quality of Fender's too; Good thing I play DIFFERENT styles, from funk to R'nB through reggae and Jimi Hendrix or Santana ... . with a little crunch, there is in the raised position the typical sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan ... ditto for santana and the like.



> For a disto greasy, of course prfrez good with gibson pickups much drooling, but with the lone star, you can send as ACRS riffs .... uh ... I know I chui no tester in a mag!
clean sounds are perfectly crystalline as it should be on a stratum of the invoice.

has not always note a dtail Submitted on nombresues strats, the tone knob also functions of the position of the double bottom, which is useful for switching between a warm sound was more aggressive without micro switch or stype of distortion

Note that it gives a better amp mdium grain round, like the roland jazz chorus on a Hughes and Kettner that comes to dpart sounds more acute (either A model of the s attax series or any lamp) ca gives a cot on some microphones carrment mtallique (not ptalleux, mtallique !).... ki I do not play music like big papa roach nerve or mom down the music, I do that please moyennenment


I use it daily for 3 years in studio and live (small halls and clubs)

I love his versatility, sustain quality production, the more strategic than its strat you die

and then, which has nothing to do but also its color, mine sports a color a little indfinissable between the blue and green, I do not know if I'm color blind, or if I run out of vocabulary .. probably a little of 2.

bought new 8200 f 3 years ago, seen in music stores this ane almost 12 000 f! I think that for once I did not have completely ...

a consqeiller for afficiuonados.

the only reason I am not 10 out of 10 on all fronts is the lack of vibrato .... and then the lack of roundness in the distorted sounds (at the same time is what gives it its modern) but is it really reasonable to ask a ringing Straty also as a gibson?