Fender Road Worn '50s Stratocaster
Fender Road Worn '50s Stratocaster

Road Worn '50s Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Road Worn Stratocaster series.

Brad Marcus 02/08/2017

Fender Road Worn '50s Stratocaster : Brad Marcus's user review


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Value For Money : Poor Audience: Beginners
DISCLOSURE STATEMENT - I owned a "road worn 50's Stratocaster" about 8 years ago and LOVED it. Thats the model that was discontinued..I bought one of these new Pieces of garbage from Musicians friend thinking it was the same thing...It.Is. Not. (although Musicians friend and Fender continue to sell the guitars with the old pics..stop it guys..)...The "roadworn" bit is false advertising. The"relic" work on these guitars looks more like some factory blemishes.I could live with that, (even though, , false advertising.Take down those old pics Fender retailers) but what is REALLY sticking in my craw is the so called 'soft V neck profile" ...The original roadworn 50's neck was marvelous..It had a soft V neck profile" ..The new fake version DOES NOT have a "soft V neck profile" P ..IT DOESN'T HAVE A V NECK AT ALL...anywhere, soft or hard..Just a common Fender tapered C neck..This is fraud. I will not be buying another Fender