Fender Road Worn '60s Stratocaster
Fender Road Worn '60s Stratocaster

Road Worn '60s Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Road Worn Stratocaster series.

Kungfucaster 06/11/2012

Fender Road Worn '60s Stratocaster : Kungfucaster's user review

«  A strat that sounds! »

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Everything has been said, Mex Strat 60s kind of fishy that the benchmark: L-series 65.
Three simple Tex Mex, 5-way switch, radius 7.25 and the C-profile neck, tuners and vintage bridge, painting beautiful Olympic White nitro blue slightly on some models, relic finish.
Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard 21 frets, alder body.


I was looking for a typical strat blues and vintage rock and my budget for the U.S. Strat did not at all (too good, not enough character).
The Road Worn however made me a big slap!
Played open, wood resonates in a very homogeneous (nitro lacquer thank you!) And the grip is certainly vintage but very nice, the guitar is lightweight and ergonomic strats is truly unbeatable!
The neck adopts a radius 7.25, it is sure to sweep and tapping was done better since, but to send large bends juicy and play with your thumb on top, it is a treat!. The handle is end but thick enough to fill the hand without causing undue fatigue. Small problem: sanding of the handle to give the appearance "guitar which was played for 40 years" is a bit coarse and the handle has a tendency to hang in the absence of varnish. A little bit of sandpaper to very fine grained redress.
By finishing frets against 6105 (less than big jumbos and intonation much better!) Is fan-tas-tick: the edge of the button is slightly widened and comfort level that makes all the difference.


I wanted a guitar that provides in blues-rock, the RW was born for that. It is really true to the spirit 60s (my luthier who has seen the cost of vintage guitars are four zeros acknowledged that Fender had really done a great job!)
I have not yet replaced the pickups Tex-Mex for the simple reason that they sound! They have an output level frankly tough (this is not the Special Tx but it's not the 57/62!)
We obtain all the classic Fender clean sound: glossy but not aggressive on the bridge pickup, heading off-stage perfect for funk and Hendrixeries of all kinds, the middle pickup is a good compromise between the bite of the bridge and the roundness of serious (try to see Pride & Joy!) and the neck pickup really brings you the depth and warmth while keeping one hand biting and very defined.
You can imagine, we are in the world of SRV, Hendrix, Mayer, KWS but as it is a good strat, it is very versatile.
In crunch, it sends really heavy for single-coil pickups is quite impressive. It never loses in character or definition. The volume control if you can keep down the dynamics of sound and thoroughly as soon as we reopen attention! The tone controls are also very effective.
Distortion is lost in accuracy compared to humbuckers but the punch is there and the sound palette is still as wide. With a Big Muff between the guitar and the amp easily found the sound of Gilmour.
It is connected at home in my Fender Super Champ or a JCM900 in again, this strat retains its character and its timbre instantly recognizable characteristic.
Small problem, I do a lot of reggae for some time and the pickups are a bit too péchus and dug in the mids to really bring out casseroles and skank. But with a good right hand, the timing of the shot!


I have for nearly three years, this is my main guitar in the studio, on stage, I repeat not ever let her go!
The trim level does not reach the quality of some U.S. but that price you already have a very good guitar.
The vintage radius may disturb more than one because some bends are not much fun. A good setting a luthier is required for the high E is not stifled when bende a tone or more from the 12th fret.
Although not a highway, the handle can switch plans without problem fast.
It comes with a high quality gig bag.