Fender Standard Strat HSS with Locking Tremolo [2009-2014]
Fender Standard Strat HSS with Locking Tremolo [2009-2014]

Standard Strat HSS with Locking Tremolo [2009-2014], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Standard Stratocaster series.

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MGR/David in Dale 10/24/2003

Fender Standard Strat HSS with Locking Tremolo [2009-2014] : MGR/David in Dale's user review

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This instrument was purchased at Haugstom Musikk in Bergen, Norway. The price with Fender tweed gig bag, tweed patch cord extra string sets, picks & strap was Nk 5990,00 which is around $855.00. Outrageous in the USA but, well welcome to Europe.

I think this is, for me a great instrument. The pickups are noticeably a bit duller than than a Highway 1 Strat I tried through a Vox amp at the store. But that is ok for me as it better fits my playing style. But I must add that when I got it home and put through my Fender Princeton Chorus, well it just sounds beautiful...a real match! The color is one of the new ones for Fender, a metallic light green that, along with the rosewood neck, is a great look.

Can't think of anything other than the slight twinge of jealousy I feel when I see the price for this guitar in the USA.

Being a Fender Mexico, the workmanship is good but there are a few little flaws or blemishes, tho' nothing that has any affect on playing or sound.

This is a great instument and the humbucker pickup just gives an extra bit of punch. Lovely to hold and lovelier to play.

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