Fender Standard Stratocaster [2009-2018]
Fender Standard Stratocaster [2009-2018]

Standard Stratocaster [2009-2018], STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Standard Stratocaster series.


Fender Standard Stratocaster [2009-2018] : Anonymous 's user review

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Strat a typical, Alder body, maple for the neck and fingerboard (one piece of wood). 21 frets, 3 pickups, volume and two tone ... what standard.


Well, we're not going to tell history, the strat is an ergonomics jewelry (all models confused, including lag). What a reference!


Micro Origin:
They have the quality to have a decent level of output (which increases the background noise ...) but are desperately lacking in character. We have a sound strat, ok, but quite cold, which can be an advantage for styles has high gain, but it is not the sound of a strat for me. Here I must admit that the original microphone with a classic vibe telecaster 50's will sound more original.

Tex Mex:
THE ON AS A STRAT! Sounds "hot" SRV way, we find the personality of a good 7ender and we can say what we want, it resumes its status TRUE 7ender as it should. I even added a push pull to be able to have the pickup in addition to the handle, I recommend this mod to any player strat because the resulting sound is really good!


This guitar is a standard for me in many ways, already in 7ender, or it is the junction between the entry level and mid-range. Its value, not perfect since the last increase (now count 500 euros), is for me a standard that allows me to judge all other guitars in terms of value for money.
At that price, you get a free instrument of default for those who love the strat. I just said that I do not understand why 7ender does not rise above its original tex mex, it's not change much the price but it will it one of the best skyscraper in the market.