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Fender STC-Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster 2015

    Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster 2015 - "Right in your face!"


    As far as I'm concerned, this guitar is a killer as I play genres ranging from rock to heavy metal - not thrash or black. For those latter musical styles, I think there are other models that are better suited! ;) I play on an Engle Sovereign and i…

  • Fender Stratocaster Squier Series

    Fender Stratocaster Squier Series - "An astonishing small-priced Strat"


    I bought this guitar in 92, when I was just a beginner. What a joy to have "my own Fender Strat" for a negligible price. It was a "Squier Series" Fender, made in Japan in the end of 1991. I use this Strat on a Laney GC50 and a Tubeworks RT2100. …

  • Fender American Standard Stratocaster [2012-2016]

    Fender American Standard Stratocaster [2012-2016] - "A classic that will live on forever"


    I received this guitar as a gift and it feels like a holding a piece of music’s history in my hands. The Fender Strat has been an iconic guitar for over half a century now, making its presence known in all music genres and there certainly is a reason…

  • Fender American Standard Stratocaster [2012-2016]

    Fender American Standard Stratocaster [2012-2016] - "Enduring Iconic Guitar"


    Hendrix, Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Edge, Mark Knopfler, Hank Marvin, Buddy Holly, David Gilmour, Ritchie Blackmore and every guitarist who's been in Iron Maiden. So what do they all have in common? The Fender Stratocaster. Originally built in the 1…

  • Fender Strat Plus [1987-1999]

    Fender Strat Plus [1987-1999] - "I love it"


    My Fender Stratocaster is Mexican Made. It has a five-position pickup, 1 volume and 2 tone dials. It has 21 frets, 3 pickups. It has a very smooth maple neck that is very easy to play with. It has a normal, non-locking bridge. UTILIZATION You can e…

  • Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster

    Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster - "Great tone, but unforgiving!"


    This axe is made in the USA. It has 3 single coil DiMarrzio pickups; the switch is surprisingly 3way (not 5). 1 volume, 2 tone controls, 22 frets, and the standard Strat style whammy bar. Every fret is scalloped, which is a different feel from "norma…

  • Fender Stratocaster [1965-1984]

    Fender Stratocaster [1965-1984] - "Vintage"


    The Fender Stratocaster guitar has to be one of the best instruments it is ever been created. It is where this guitars just has a great feel almost perfect balance. The guitar hasn't change too much as far as features go over the years but it has see…

  • Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster

    Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster - "Cream"


    This guitar is just flat-out ripping shredding instrument that can go left right upper down is probably the most versatility then any other guitar on the planet. The balance weight and feel of this guitarist is the simple arranged and designed almos…

  • Fender Blacktop Stratocaster HSH

    Fender Blacktop Stratocaster HSH - "Fender Blacktop strat with an HSH configuration."


    The Fender Blacktop line of guitarsis a line of guitars that comes with humbuckers and other pickups not normally found in Fender guitars. They have had a Blacktop strat for a while but this one comes in an HSH configuration which for some reason isn…

  • Fender Deluxe Powerhouse Strat

    Fender Deluxe Powerhouse Strat - "Red or white?"


    What can I say about Fender Stratocaster that hasn't been said on countless recordings and pretty much every single musical stage in the world. This has to be the most iconic instrument that is ever existed. There has been some modifications in new f…