G&L Tribute S-500 Standard
G&L Tribute S-500 Standard

Tribute S-500 Standard, STC-Shaped Guitar from G&L in the Tribute series.

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xavren 01/30/2005

G&L Tribute S-500 Standard : xavren's user review


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See previous opinion.


The handle is a real treat. I do not know if we can do much better with the quality of play is both well designed so that it slips over the handle, but also to be well in hand. Agreements and transitions between them are a real pleasure. The note for note, hmmmmm! Mine is handled mapple (I never really tried before except on a musicman II sword of a friend is far beyond my expectations after a few weeks of use. The only small point of detail c ' is at the top of the handle (near the body) I find that fixing the handle is a bit too big but you get used quickly and now it is no longer a worry. What if we remain in the high no problem .

In terms of usability, I find the guitar very light and very pleasant. The weight is evenly distributed. No surprise it is a stratum.

'A blank' the guitar sounds great (it's always a sign), plugged in, it can not be disappointed. I have not noticed any noise, but the sound comes out ... I come here.


As mentioned earlier, is a stratum with three simple: it's clean to crunch its field. But saturation level is not bad but it is not made for that. And that's what I like, a guitar fairly typical. "Stratiennes uses" is exactly that! And it does it perfectly.
Again I will repeat myself but theluke is absolutely right, I reached 100% of its opinion.


I use it for several weeks now. I did not achieve this level of quality with this guitar. Nothing but good, the violin, the varnish (mine is a shade of dark blue !!!!!! beautiful!) Vibrato with which one can play in two senses, lifts (to let you know I just retuned yet it is not due to play on it, pull the vibrato and carry!). The pickups are quite up to par.
At this price it's a real case is amazing that g & l is not better known! Scratch that I know has played a lease that barely knew and did not know that Leo Fender was originally (with George Fullerton). This level of quality, such a price, there's no doubt, go for it!
(The problem is that you have a big stroke of luck to fall on ...)