Harley Benton MS-540
Harley Benton MS-540

MS-540, STC-Shaped Guitar from Harley Benton.

Jjp13 04/24/2006

Harley Benton MS-540 : Jjp13's user review


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Audience: Beginners
Chinese guitar, like all the instrumentals harley benton, I acehte Thomann 10 days ago for a mere $ 144.
To see the site Thomann CHARACTERISTICS: https://www.thomann.de/thoiw9_harley_benton_hbms540vs_egitarre_prodinfo.html .
In my case, the 24 frets and Floyd Rose licensed vibrato have greatly influenced my choice.
J'hsitais with the Les Paul copies, but I fear they are a bit heavy.
And since there was no notice of it on AudioFanzine so I took my courage with both hands and command ....
No kidding, I have a dj I am banjo HB trs satisfied, I knew what to expect with the guitar.
And as many things for just a 144 was worth it (and the cot!)


The handle is trs enjoyable, fairly late, trs fast, and yet I am not a shredder but the old electric scratches in my possession a silent Squier imit strato and frankly it was seen that c ' silent guitar first prize.
The HB could pass for a trs guitar mid-range for nophytes!
CHAC is the royal acute, even me with my big fingers I get dumped a power chord on the 22nd case of low E!
The guitar is pretty balance and knows how to forget. Its shape is so stratode trs comfortable on the knee when sitting.
The micro switch is easily accessible, the vibrato too, even if it is left hanging.
In rsum trs guitar accessible to beginners like me, the pros will perhaps be more of reserves, but I think even the pros do not pay attention to HB guitars!
A BMOL Still, the guitar can not RULES, so the low E string frieze on all ratings, but it's just a little trick rgler.


For now I have tested with my bass amp, and an old mixing desk, and again, I sound any satisfactory comparison of the precision squier before.
According rglages sound is round and hot trs trs incisive when using the microphones AIGS.
For arpges trs it sounds good for metal or punk riffs trend, no problem, but it does not saturate its own, it will help with a little distortion or fuzz.
If we play funk is royal, with a great sound medium and treble pickups.
Harmonics out without problem for the ones I tried in a short week.
The microphone volume is a serious little lower than the micro needle trs but nothing serious.
I have not much in comparison to say whether it's a good compar others, but as given that I find nothing wrong with the sound I put him 9.


So I have this guitar for 6 days now and I do not lche!
Everything is played so easily on this race!
I love the look, they really do guitar pro.
Do not rely too those who say that they are instruments HB rotten, I'm happy with my trs instruments, be aware that these are entry-level guitars sr good, but very s satisfying to play home, or in small REPRESENTATIVES.
Unless you move the speed of light you do not get tired until 2 or 3 years easy.
The ratio quality-price is unbeatable, you'd think an Ibanez or a Cort, worth double the price HB.
It comes with 3 cls Allen and Jack right angle / flat, then turn cls.
If I do it again again c'tait sr well, I advised a friend dj.