Ibanez EDR470
Ibanez EDR470

EDR470, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the Ergodyne series.

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Darkangelis 04/08/2003

Ibanez EDR470 : Darkangelis's user review


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Without floyd type bridge, tuning it easier! Flat handle in-custody ibanez com! Micro humbucker, table again matrieau very beautiful!


Pleasant enough to handle the neo, but tries to play the pa nonplus brassens! Well for C power cord, or tire stops barrmais its light, it sounds great with distortion rather easily! Enough to see very slightly against the RG!


NO, its c his thing! Metal, prkoi not, but the rest give up! Its ... Bruille very, very cool with a good distortion of put1! (A lamp or style overdrive) The clenching enough! Harmonic furieu seen as crazy!


'm A bass player, and my friend has gratteu acht ste zoli scratches 6months ago, saw KJE plays dla scratching his notice of f +! Is exelente for Deftones style rhythm or solo style Santrian! Pa be seen lmatos be expensive !