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Bougniaf 01/12/2005

Ibanez EDR470EX : Bougniaf's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
- Core Manufacturing
- 22 frets
- Floyd Edge Pro II
- 2 potentiomtres: Tone 1 / 1 volume
- Channel Wizard2
- Body luthite


- Channel = highway.
- Easy to Access in acute.
- Body strangely like the JS. Body that seems small when you play it, that is quite surprising and enjoyable.
- Sounds from trs interressants certainly the luthite.
- As for the floyd, the best that I have had in my hands, and yet I actually see him wonder how he is still standing and how it is to keep the agreement.


- Trs versatile, she is comfortable in all styles of music
- I branch in Morley Wha> BossOD2> Tube Screamer TS7> Preamp Rocktron Gainiac> Volume Bespeco> Zoom 2020> Peavey Transtube or amp simulator.
- Sounds trs prcis plain make you cry / trs interressants Sons saturation but a little rough sometimes, but to gain the support that I weighed, it must be normal


- Use for almost a year.
- I love the luthite so that the base I 'silent rticent, today I' m conquered.
- I almost had or that ibanez, to make my choice, I tried all ibanez guitars rested in my mag. (RG2550 ,...), and my choice without any hsitation on the ergo, I have no regrets because every day I 'gets a new benefit, that is quite surprising.
- Report quality / price super, hyper interresting.
- This is whether I have the same guitar as the others below which tests this guitar, brief tastes and colors ...