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Judebox 10/18/2004

Ibanez EDR470EX : Judebox's user review


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All told a t-level character I think:
Made in Korea
Manche Wizard II
Body Luthite

Luthite the body is slightly heavier than wood (but not ca PSE tones as I could read it and I scratch dj raised much heavier).
There are two different Luthite the benefits:
- A good sustain trs
- The body is not subjected to deformation over time is a matriau who does not work (unlike wood).

22 Frtes
Edge Pro II Floyd Licensed Floyd Rose
3 Micros:
- Ibanez designed by EMG (Double) in the neck position
- Ibanez designed by EMG (Simple) in rural
- Ibanez designed by EMG (Double) in the bridge position

It should be noted that the pickups are Ibanez pickups! They may be "designed by Emg," but it's still Ibanez pickups. Ibanez pickups with an EMG guele wholesale


The handle of the BDU is enjoyable and trs trs fast. We're going to box each other without a problem, not hanging.
I had prior to the one Ibanez GRX-70, and it is clear that the comfort ds game has nothing to do.
I saw the diffrence playing solos. The sound is pure, clean and harmonics sound really! (Must have been the luthite?)
No problem ETTING therefore a good sound.
The only problem I see in the finish of this guitar, are the attachments for the strap. It must be changed ofSuite! Indeed, the clips are plastic base, and needless to say that after a certain time ... ptent it (happened to me. So I changed the clips to install the Dunlop Strap Lock (dsormais thing I install on all my guitars next, essential for me now!).


I play a Peavey Bandit 112 and a PA. I also spend a multi purpose (of the Gnx2 digitech).
I play in a record rock / hardcore / metal and this guitar is completely adapted to this type l.
With the scratch, there is no background noise or grsillement as I could express it with other guitars.
We can play well trs blues or jazz (the microphone and simply allow the neck pickup to get a good sound to rev ac).
Personally I always use the micro bridge position, which allows for a really big sound at distos.
Clear sound even in this microphone provides a trs its own (in the other 2 microphones, unwanted, we get a softer sound really cool).


I play with the scraper for 3 years and I never dplu.
She liked for its first aspect, admittedly, trs trs is far from being ugly (ca shine under the spotlights that the scratches!).
Then I tried it at the same time a RG, a Sabre and a Cort, and it's really me more than the level of sound that can be obtained with ( the bass sound in the passages nags, treble ptent in solos, that's all I need).
We can get that scratch from 500 to 600, and a mid-range guitar I do not think it's excessive.
I hsit at the time of purchase with a Sabre, May my choice s'tait port on the EDR. I think the Sabre will be my next scratch (a small prsetige).
In any case, if a c'tait again, I do it again this purchase (I plan also to change the pickups soon for Emg active).