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jefhightone 09/28/2005

Ibanez GRX70 : jefhightone's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Model made in Indonesia
-22 Boxes, two microphones: two doubles and a simple, entry-level (probably Powersound)
Vibrato-standard (fat 10)
5-position switch, two knobs (volume and tone)
Channel end and smooth, ideal for fast play.
very good value for money on this.


-The neck is very thin, which is not surprising for an Ibanez, it can perform solos without tiring. I find it great!
-I play on a model but I'm left handed so I did to Hendrix with the guitar upside down and access to acute stroke is not very easy for me. Otherwise there is no doubt that they are relatively accessible thanks to the shape of the guitar.
Archie-Form is known today is nothing good dépaysans, it is not heavy (less than 4 pounds). It is not tiring but tends to stand to walk around a bit so it is light, it is necessary to keep it going to say!
-For its price, the sound is more than correct, oriented rock and metal, it is quite capable of doing in the finesse with a very simple micro appreciable rhythm and arpeggios. the bridge pickup to the point and grows well in the high double while the tone is more consistent, more bluesy.
for this price range nothing wrong, it's almost perfect.


- I play a little bit of everything so no problem in terms of versatility, she lagement the case. It is true that my amp with a lot (H & K tube every 50 lamps) but even when I plugged into my old Harley and Jim on my little Zoom 606 the result is more than convincing. I play metal on the double bridge position. Otherwise I is most often called to the microphone for simple clean pieces. double handle the microphone I use when I try to do my blues man. the intermediate position easel / simple micro gives her a little slap in the Fender, terrible.
very positive on this point.


For over three years that I have, this is my first guitar and there is always that little thing that binds us. Its value for money is not to question. Obviously, if I had to make another choice, I would ask my mother to me rependre good model but left this time (it was a surprise gift for my 18 years).
very good entry!