Ibanez RG2620QM
Ibanez RG2620QM

RG2620QM, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the RG Prestige series.

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five-number 02/07/2008

Ibanez RG2620QM : five-number's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
At the risk of harping but hey it's not bad!
So Guitar Mahogany made in Japan, maple table (very nice indeed, my own red and blue but also and not bad), Prestige maple neck with rosewood fingerboard 24 frets.
It has the best ibanez floyd licensed (this is my personal opinion) I detailleré below and a nut block chords (normal!) And mechanical Gotoh!
For electronics it has a 3 position selector (yes for lovers of five positions is dead but when they have seen the inside of the beautiful ....)( PS: I find it too Hard as mentioned below), a volume knob (with a capacitor), one for tone and a pair of DiMarzio / IBZ (made by DiMarzio for Ibanez!)


While the handle so it's difficult to judge Ibanez is a matter of taste, but unless it's flat wizard.J AIS tried many different sleeves (Esp, Vigier, music man, Start. ...) and the sleeves of prestige in my Ibanez toujour surppris.Ce sleeves are ideal for speed and it is true a little tiring for big plays and then you crossed the grata or not!
Access to the acute problem that goes by, the weight is very resonable (just over 3 pounds is not death (or rather a Les Paul hihihi)) that the ergonomics is well made and wife perfect your body, it will fall into the hands as they say.
The floyd is exellent it is very sensitive, so much the better, more over time or with some vibrato were to cut the balls of the strings now they can be mounted directly (more or less practice) as for the fixed bridge, the mechanics seem well made (to do with the years (we always surprises)).
With the original pickups gives a sound not too bad but more easily.


I play mostly metal progressive rock punctuated by excurtions many other styles short!
The original pickups in the bridge position and a little under a zone and even in tone but it sounds not too bad especially saturated or harmonics do well, however its clear need to reduce the volume of Grat Garre ears if he tends to attack them for the crunch All right, all makes sense.
The original pickups in the neck position and rather banal enough it round a bit warm, but not a lot more saturated as clear.
The most astonishing thing is the intermediate position of the two microphones in his clear, they provide us with a super clear sound (a bit like an electro) very very nice (we will pass on this position is just too saturated screaming).
This configuration allows for pickups a wide range of sounds it all depends on your amp (it's my personal Laney and Mesa Boogie later).
Well I think you'll understand I board over the microphones of origin but a Tone Zone in bridge and an Air Norton in the neck, this configuration is a killer and as it's already been said, the worth of Grat invest in high-end microphones. With both of you pass the sound barrier is terrible! (note that for 7 out of 10 for the original config)

PS: The capacitor connected on the volume knob is used to expand the range of sounds because if you push the button at the bottom will be obtained on the total micro falls sufficiently so when we have the good feeling of having a single coil but it says format double veil!


It's been a while that I buy and I board ais learned that this guitar as I described is no longer produced ais (at least it is no longer in the catalog and the site ibanez) attention may be a future collector nan kidding!
I ais bought because it was a bargain and even if I board that does change the pickups it's a great guitar and we is the flagship of the brand so what more if except that it has one of the best value for money given that I board and is the voice of the guitar that I'm dumb (figuratively of course!).
Long live real music and the musician that shit every day!
On this ............