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JerDopler 10/02/2004

Ibanez RG3120F : JerDopler's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Guitar factory in Japan

24 frets super enjoyable, micro HH configuration with a Paf Pro in the neck and a Tone Zone in bridge (the microphones are in Di Marzio)

Floyd Rose type bridge modified by a CAD system Iabnez Edge Pro I
1 + 1 volume knob Tone knob for every 2 and a selector effective micro 5 posistion which allows for a multitude of sounds from blues to mtal with trs good quality!!

The handle is great (like all Ibanez Prestige home): trs soft trs flat, super fast a joy, a real highway !!!!!
Finishing: Saddle the table and beautiful flame finish also beautiful blue !!!!! c simple I'm in love with her look. The shape is that of a Start just drive in the horns that are more advanced on Ibanez: mtal look over his throws !!!!!!!!
The chamfer very practical when playing seated.

10/10 because it is really great !!!!!!


What about the race !!!!! It is great, wonderful, excellent c one of the many strengths of this guitar. This is a real highway! There are rpres box of abalone that are beautiful!!

Access in acute is well done, I would not say perfect, but it remains suitable trs! With fingers a little bigger than mine (which are small) it must pass tt alone.

Ergonomics are good trs. His weight is normal for you to say I never had evil in the APRS RPET even have had on the back for 3 hours (I stress that I am not super hut not even bcp).

The sound is produced quickly enough to reach trs aus knobs and direct rolling !!!!!!

Only the BMOL Floyd argl is almost every time we change the strings (like all Floyd). It takes a good 5 minutes but still!
Note that the agreement fits perfectly once it is rgl. I admit to say once a month. You can force the vibrato must go before his move!

9 / 10 for the handle, the weight and ergonomic shape (I metterai 9.5 a result of Floyd, but is not so I put 9)


This should really scratching my style has zik: punk rock mtal through ska and blues (on other things in tps tps).

I play with an amp H & K Club Reverb 65 W (a transistor) and a ZOOM 606 pedals that I will soon swap for Boss GT6.
I manage to have a good sound trs: clean sounds are beautiful, soft postion handle. Powerful and typ in the bridge position. Distortion in the two positions sleeves divinely sound for solos and what about the bridge position offering distos overpowering !!!!!! I use the postiton central to the Wah Wah sounds good.
Thank you anyway for 2 Di Marzio pickups and the trs good for these beautiful violin sound

The guitar has an empty trs trs good sustain and sounds beautifully

10/10 because the sound suits me well trs!


What can I say! This skyscraper is beautiful!! It's been a year since I have I bought it in 1400 (instead of 1591 and yes it is to know the seller!) And I would do this chosen without hsiter!

I do spares for anything! I like it, simply! I love everything about her, finish, shape, handle, its sounds, its Facilities .......

I find the report qualitprix good as it is beautiful to all levels

I put you understand pkoi 10/10 ............