Ibanez RG2550Z
Ibanez RG2550Z
Hatsubai 10/14/2011

Ibanez RG2550Z : Hatsubai's user review

« Replacement of the RG-2550E »

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The RG-2550Z is the replacement of the RG-2550E. It's pretty much the same as the last model, but this model has the new Edge Zero trem installed. Just like the last one, this has a basswood body, maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, HSH configuration, 24 frets, volume knob, tone knob and 5 way switch. It also has the wedge sharktooth inlays and a pickguard installed.


Just like the last one, this model is well put together. The biggest difference would probably be the new Edge Zero tremolo. It features the same features that ZPS system which basically acts as a trem stopper. One problem some people have with floyds is that you can't easily downtune them. When the ZPS system is used, you can downtune to your hearts content without worrying about spending 30 minutes trying to adjust the claw just right. Also, when you break a string, it'll still stay in tune. That said, I prefer disabling this system as it feels somewhat unnatural when doing certain whammy bar techniques.


The pickups in this model are the same as the last one, so they're somewhat bland sounding. Once you replace them, the guitar really comes to life. I'm a big fan of using DiMarzios in basswood bodies, so I generally choose something like the Breeds, Evo 2 or the such, depending on what tone I'm going for. For lead tones, basswood sounds great, and rhythm tones work out very nicely for progressive/fusion style music.


If you're looking for a new RG, this is a pretty good model. A lot of people will enjoy the Edge Zero with the ZPS, especially with its ability to easily intonate it. However, others seem to have problems with it, so I recommend trying it out in the store first. If you're not liking it, try disabling the ZPS system. That's how I recommend running these guitars. After a quick pickup swap, you're good to go.