Ibanez RG370
Ibanez RG370
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Marc0 08/21/2006

Ibanez RG370 : Marc0's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Neck: Wizard II 3-roomed
Body: Basswood
FRETS: 24 Jumbo Frets
Bridge: Edge III
Neck pickup: IBZ INF3 (H)
Micro Middle: IBZ INFS3 (S)
Micro horse Inf4 IBZ (H)


The main strength of RG I would say is definitely the solidity of the guitars are solid to the metal, the betrayed and Co. ... Ds it has been in hand we feel that this is not a cacaille.
The handle is not unusual, it is fluid and simple enough, but far from the precision of a S470 (for example). I think the guitar riffs to more intended as solos.


Cit As above, this is a good metal guitar, so once again not trs versatile, unfortunately. The pickups are a bit cold and not enough prcis, which enlve crdibilit a big part of the price of this guitar, which appears ct ple of such LAG AK100 less CHRE and equally effective.
In short, to do a lot of noise with a lot of gain is a good guitar, but it will not be perfect for the guitar solo, and its clear that it will satisfy less demanding.


Overall not a bad guitar, but for the price, one would have expected better from Ibanez. In rsumbr />
- Trs guitar sound
- Gain comfort
- Not too heavy

- Microphones too cold and neutral
- Run through
- Prices for the quality lev