Ibanez RG370DX
Ibanez RG370DX
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dark-snoopy 11/02/2004

Ibanez RG370DX : dark-snoopy's user review


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A lightweight guitar to handle fast and good at qualitprix. The Floyd Rose is not really useful trs, but aprcie excessive use of vibrato without thinking about the tuning.


A special solo run, access to acute trs good guitar Whereas increases the speed of his game
For Floyd, I do not change the tuning of string or very practical (when I play music o There is no vibrato, I dvisse to give quickly in case of concern). With the training, 15 minutes are still cvhanger Necessary for the strings.
Finally, I do not support output jack on the side bottom of the scratch .. Play o sitting on a sofa on a chair is not recommended: - /


The guitar sound is really felt rather versatile. The distortion is excellent, especially on a peavey amp and marshall. In addition, the 5-way switch allows you to waltz between the three pickups (single-double-double), and by modifying the sound of the amp, it has a impressive range of sound. This guitar is aimed at rockers rather than the o blueseux metalheads.


Trs a good guitar to play punk, hard rock, (some) of blues and metal, which allows great freedom as the noise level at the physical level, the handle Seeing me charm ds my first test.

I would add that the notes that I give are absolutely subjective, and if they can seem excessive, it parcque 450 euros a guitar that is well worth the quality ;-)

will later shot and good scratch