Ibanez RG770
Ibanez RG770
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le kikko 05/04/2003

Ibanez RG770 : le kikko's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Frabrique in Japan
24 cases / 2 double DiMarzio Blazer / lo pro edge 2
1 volume knob and a tonalitbr /> + maple neck rosewood fingerboard and body tilleuil


Channel trs pleasant (it is reminiscent of the 540 Raduis but 7 strings)
the guitar as a whole is equilibrated but rather heavy demeurre
DiMarzio's blazer is not the height of an evolution for example, but still more than adequate. we obtain very quickly a big sound of Bad horsie (see Steve Vai)


This guitar is my gut ddiea for metal or other of its kind.
for clear sound simple installation of micro needed between the two humbuckers. it brings much brightness.
sounds tend to drool in the bass (for the sounds of Korn) (I have a 5150).
Overall this guitar is a good instrument, the sound of microphones may be too limited


Good quality hsitation have no price if you search a 7-string guitar over the holding of the vibrato is excellent (unlike many other models of the brand)