Ibanez Roadstar II Series*
Ibanez Roadstar II Series*

Roadstar II Series*, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez.

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KostBen 05/31/2004

Ibanez Roadstar II Series* : KostBen's user review


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Well, commenons ... My MODEL Has manufactured in Japan in the years 85 I think. It is a 24 frets neck, which can be easily tamed, and which remains in the hard super comfortable and prcis.
Floyd vibrato is divine and devilish prcis (grant). For me, the config is SSH, note that the dual (so bridge) is splitable, thereby flner with virtually all types of sound.
The rglages are simple: Tone and volume slecteur 5positions.
It's a gem.


As I said above, the handle is divine, especially in freight Premire. APRS, it is true that to the 19 frets, it thickens a bit (as they say lol), but the key is always prcise and reliable. THE config 'microphones allows a wide range of sound, sometimes a bit annoying to find, but still .... Wow!
Despite its few unnecessary programs, this skyscraper is beautiful and gentle use and intuitive ... it feels really good with it!


For my part, I touch a little while with the scraper (I play on a Marshall 30W, sometimes on a Bandit 112): from the ride at mtal, through reggae and punk. Again, the config microphones makes all types of effort (we say it enough).
Clearly, the two are simply divine for walks, or small rocks, while for the double splitables dchire mtal or punk (even if these words are missing a few microphones pchu j ' admits).


After 4 months of use, I redcouvre each day with great joy! His touch is perfect, despite his age and was pleased each time to return! Only the vibrato sometimes made his own, but very rarely, he can be forgotten.
250euros bought occasions, this skyscraper worth! Squier between a new, branded or something or other and this guitar, my choice was quickly made on a head shot ... I do not really regret anything ...
With this scraper is love at first sight, or nothing at all ... but if it's love at first sight .... Its worth it in ...