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childrenofmetal 08/24/2003

Ibanez S540 : childrenofmetal's user review


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This guitar made in Japan, 22 frets, Floyd Rose, 2 doubles 3 pickups (neck to QM1, QM2 at the bridge) and a simple (QMS1) in the middle. These pickups were designed by DiMarzio but are not DiMarzio much like the seymour duncan design with!
SETTINGS: Tone and volume with a 5-way switch, traditional ... what

It's a well made guitar, round body ert in 2 parts (sustain so good!), Flame table (certainly a good picture but it's nice anyway), a beautiful binding on the handle (turn white) good choice of wood ...

Nothing to say so on the characteristics, rather good for a guitar at this price is not even say very good!

defects only 22 cases (two more this is not a luxury) and microphones that lack serious punch!
with 24 cases and good microphones (see below) would have earned a good 9 / 10 (-1 for the violin, body and handle a piece for sustain)


I chose this guitar for three main reasons:
- It is really very beautiful: his table with green and black flame, and acastillage dor is the class
- Weight: 3.3 kg!
- Its ergonomic handle ultrathin, ultra-thin body (which explains a bit of weight!)

the handle is a real highway, a little thinner than the sleeves jackson and less round, it's very nice!
The trapping of the body provides comfort and access to acute (in my opinion) rarely equal!
In addition you can play 3 hours standing without back pain (and that's pretty rare I think)!

In short it is the top ...


I play the trash (sepultura, testament, megadeth, metallica, exodus ...) and less trash (dream theater, iron maiden, Lillian Axe ...).

The guitar as it is not necessary for this style potato!
the microphones are too soft.

In fact they are versatile, but for a good result it is imperative to invest in good pickups (DiMarzio, Seymour ...)

Personally I opt for a DiMarzio DP161 Steve's Special and the handle to dimebucker SH13 bridge. And ca hard all !!!!!!!!!!

So 9 / 10 with good microphones and 7 / 10 with the original pickups


I scratched this for over 2 years and I play on other guitars I love it more

most: ergonomics, weight, appearance, its handle ...
the least: 22 boxes, microphones (not really bad but I think adaptsa any styles ... at least not mine)

Before I decide I tried a lot of guitars (Ibanez RG other models, the js ... Jackson ..., a lag ...) and for the price (- 8000 of 1500 in CHF If I remember correctly) I think it is not far from the ultimate

I remake that choice without any hesitation (other guitars that I want to bcp are more dear unfortunately)

This model is a special series (custom made) and ibanez ceased production for some time taken if you see one, do not just scrape a cot above, you will not be disappointed!