Ibanez SA120
Ibanez SA120
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bobo le tos 05/15/2005

Ibanez SA120 : bobo le tos's user review


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I think my beauty Has made in Korea, see the notice for a. Previous 22 frets only for ibanez guitar with dj okay but we will not cry even if sometimes one more would not be in denial!
humbeckers for two microphones, SAT 30 if I'm not mistaken (HH).
bridge wilkinson yes sir.
SETTINGS standart 5-way switch button volume + Tone.
Bolt end super comfy! me personal it makes me want to eat it so it's cool, it even beautiful!


So as I said the neck is super, super fine, super smooth, it's happiness I feel to the touch, and it's Aesthetics (even for a handle) is a bite lol!
Access in acute normal, nothing special ...
rgonomie raiment is good, great guitar lgre, (3700 grams), it is the super fine Fomrez nikel.
for the sound configuration are going to double and split with SPECIFICATIONS.
vriament violin making is great for that price, it would be double! plus she is gorgeous! the photo does not do him honor! if you want pictures please contact me! it is really great, the light is beautiful, it also has that I have chosen.


She directs plutt rock and it is a love that! it is satisfactory for this style, the microphones cassenet not the house but are relatively good, but sometimes one would like a little better.
I play with a Vox Valvetronix ad 30 vt, as saying that when I want potatoes rock, it provides!
I can get a bit of all, the fat, crystal, without going to the extreme, there is some flexibility on all of the same. (But good for the pure jazz is not a).
sustain normal, uneventful, sometimes we want more.
you can have a good clear sound with the neck pickup, and biting at the easel, so it's reasonable enough for me I was well, there may be a bit of everything, but when even rock, even when. I like my beautiful teeth but the e clean now and then it is possible and it is enjoyable, it can even feel like a last in possession of lacoustique intermdiaire.


I use it for three months and I do not get enough! Finally, it is simple effective it is crisp What! each ke I get home I find sublime and I want to take it. So j'aodre his mouth was the matron, when I play it, it was super c limpression how to tame the left grip is really hell ... I'd like the best of both pickups, but that's not bad. vibrato much like the way I can use it in abundance without too dsacorder the bazaar ... in addition it is beautiful ossi, it is beautiful vraimen overall.
I bought 300 euros, it's great raisonaable, quality price ratio pa frankly wrong, I tried many before, and really I cracked on top despite critques ibanez, and when she always tries to please (my Pottery aprcie really).
I think I do it again this choice because it is really good, but plenty good Dotres OCCAZ in momen!! but I think I have a lot of pa queand same feeling for her, especially because I made a sign with my idol! Kiko Loureiro!!
EC is she is beautiful !!!!!