Ibanez SA260FM [2002-2011]
Ibanez SA260FM [2002-2011]

SA260FM [2002-2011], STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the SA Standard series.

taliesyn 06/26/2005

Ibanez SA260FM [2002-2011] : taliesyn's user review


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I MODEL I Coren, and I try the same Japanese after investing a little .... is exactly the same
Everything else is said about other opinions
The + I upgrade the pickups in the bridge duncan sh4 of litlle and 59 of the handle duncan.
This means that the violin and the choices of wood are hyper correct (mahogany body, maple table, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard) for that price ... therefore be changed to have the electronics sound great!!

-2 For electronics


Channel super easy to play, it's designed to run solo without hsiter!! It still allows same to ensure good rhythm .... Anyway very easy and enjoyable
The rest is said elsewhere, I just want prsiser the finesse of the body is a big + + +, a non-negligible comfort when you're on stage!!
To the sound with the pickups I put Duncans is standard !!!!! it has the sound of the high-end sries S (almost becaufe must remain on earth anyway)
I will note, counting with 9 microphones backgrounds who lacked sharpness and potato.
If we had noted with duncan pickups, it would be 15/10 without problems


I play on a Marshall JTM60 all-tube 612, it sounded like scratching a scratch in its range with the original pickups, but as an upgrade, you can play everything.
Solo, harmonic notes come out dead, it whistles, it would be good for the Steve Morse.
in rhythm you can play the AC / DC, it will not scratch the diffrence unless you really have the ear of Angus Young. The cleans are clean and crystalline, and crunch, ca hard eyes of the head!!

Voila, you really have to change the pickups to make this a great guitar !!!!!!

(Always -2 because the sound with the original pickups really is not excellent, just good)


I've had six months, I pass on the jou gibson, fender, ibanez other, well that is most comfortable that I know. The sound is really excellent if the upgrade (for 410 euros price of the guitar + 200 euros for the microphones, there is a high-end made to 610 euros instead of 1000 euros more)

Interest is focused on the violin that is beautiful with the wood well chosen !!!!!

Always -1 for electronics!!