Ibanez SA260FM [2002-2011]
Ibanez SA260FM [2002-2011]

SA260FM [2002-2011], STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the SA Standard series.

minibat 06/25/2005

Ibanez SA260FM [2002-2011] : minibat's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
22 frets
Micro HSS config
good all adjacent t said on this subject check out other opinions


Mache enjoyable end
Easy Access in acute (but I did not test many other guitars)
sion it is heavier than its sister the 160's (no longer sold) because of its mahogany body but it is all bearable
the balance of the cot no problem this guitar is well trs no hands!
at the sound .. of course in a clean large pb
it's more subtle distortion in the humbucker .. is my uhn got too rough, so I use the simple but often .. for its price it is still acceptable tt


Sounds different and can be easily obtained Varis but not both distortion sounds I have a few (is it because of my little spider in line 2 of 6?) Perhaps it I who's lmal with rglages .. tt but this is acceptable is not a gibson sg either! (the price is DIFFERENT!)


Since these two months I use this guitar with me flat down KJE think I made that choice. Friend indcis scratch, you can go to ct for the SG (epiphone for this price range)
but know that this guitar has a good report qualitprix martyrs.
any stringed cot probme trs good finish The only flaw c sounds that could be better but it's still okay trs trs tt The same applies to an instrument of this price
and then you can always change oprer microphones will be worth it and unlike other guitars that are limits plywood.
So finally at a glance:
Strengths: violin, balance, etc.
point lower but not "a little less strong" even if the microphones RESTENA very correct