Ibanez SC420CM
Ibanez SC420CM

SC420CM, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the SC/SCA series.

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Papy xii 03/23/2006

Ibanez SC420CM : Papy xii's user review


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22 frets
1 volume
1 tone
selector 5 postions (replaced 1 time)


Handle very nice, quick, sweet.
Acute easy access
Lightweight, a joy. The position suits me perfectly.
The plot thickens it sounds, basically two types of sound but no depth, no soul
without personality.


I use a POD Pro and I'm never satisfied, whether by distortion or in clear
this guitar has no sound, even amplified and tampered with the possible, it does not.


I have at least 6 years is my best guitar but the one I use least. It's a big disappointment, I had purchased in 8000 Francs (the balls!) Since I always try the guitars I buy several times on different amps with different effects.
Obviously I do not buy unless I made a collection of "beautiful guiatres".