Ibanez SZ320
Ibanez SZ320
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joe_mannix31 08/12/2005

Ibanez SZ320 : joe_mannix31's user review


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- Manufacturing corréenne
- 22 frets, mahogany body + maple table
- Mahogany
- 2 HB Duncan / Ibanez. 3 position selector (Neck / Neck Bridge / bridge)
- The black has a superb finish with chrome acastillage, simple and effective, the impression of strength emerges from this amazing guitar (and especially for its price)


- Channel pleasant, relatively large and round (like Les Paul)
- Easy Access acute
- Very easy to play, despite its relative heaviness. (Solid wood!)
- Finishes impeccable


I play all styles of metal to the "classic" through the blues and pop, I was playing a LAG in 1990 (ancestor of roxanne) amplified by a Hughes & Kettner Attax 100.
The ibanez, I lose slightly more comfortable to play, but in terms of sound it was not a blush, the sustain is impressive, the sound palette is rich enough, the microphones duncan / ibanez are great (for now I do not see the point of change), beautiful harmonies, the sound is bright round, bright and snapping under the micro config in saturation, the sound is quite precise, rather hot .. the brief sz really an assertive personality, unusual for Banez.


- I've had one week, I am truly surprised by this guitar, I tried lots of shovels, Banez, the lag, the les paul, even a PRS, that's beautiful on c, it sounds but when you see the price, I do not think it's justified. For the € 500 was a scratch that takes the road well, with interesting sounds, full of sustain, a race easy and flawless finish, for that matter even Marty Friedman Jackson dropped his SZ ..