Ibanez SZ320MH
Ibanez SZ320MH
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bloodsugar 09/27/2004

Ibanez SZ320MH : bloodsugar's user review


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First of all, this is a view following a test "flash".
I had to play the guitar about 20 minutes in all and for all (new acquisition of a mate)

Guitar solid body Les Paul type 2 horns (yes, finally wholesale)
Set Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard 22 frets, mahogany body (no table raportée)
2 doubles, a Tune O Matic "ergonomic", 3 knobs (1 volume by micro, a common tone) 1 3 switch positions.

For specifications, ben a config classic accessories are so good no-name global 7 / 10


The handle ... ah the handle!
end (not as thin as the guitars of the same brand oriented Meral, but fine against a les paul, the heel is a treat, no gene for access to acute. I have a Start and an Epiphone les paul copy Nothing to see here the hand slides alone until the 22th case (there may be 25 or 26, it would not be more impressive !!!!! problem ...)
Really is a treat. The satin slips like a fart in an oilcloth. nothing to say.
I never felt at ease as quickly on a handle.

The overall ergonomics are well thought out. This is a guitar made to be played (and not so often)
The heel (see above) is sublime access.
The guitar, made of mahogany that is surprisingly light. well balanced.
The knobs are well placed, not directly under the micro bridge for example ... is no gene for palm muting ...
Also on the register "playability", tune o matic bridge is rounded, no annoying stops (unlike the Les Paul with which we are left with the brand of the bridge to life etched in the palm of the hand) ...
The strings pass through the table, ensuring a good sustain, it feels like guitar also not connected.

I note here ergonomics: 10/10


So the test was very fast.
Overall I feel that the pickups (with a good output level, nothing to say on this side) a little fish in the accuracy of the sound. A longer test, but that's often the fault of the guitar input, mid-range (envrion 500)

I think the sound of the beautiful possibilities are constrained by these microphones. But it is a first impression - hot.


It must be perspective and compare what is comparable.
It's a guitar euors 500. For that price, it was a scratching at the ergonomics that I personally find almost perfect.
This is an extremely easy to play guitar (for beginners) and a guitar on which a more experienced guitarist just let go easily.

It gives me a great base to build up a very good scratch by adding two good microphones. To see the duration for holding the agreement (nut, mechanical, bridge) ...

Overall, if I had 450 to 500 euros)))