Ibanez SZ520QM
Ibanez SZ520QM
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ppmalin 10/24/2003

Ibanez SZ520QM : ppmalin's user review


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This stunning skyscraper is manufactured in Asia by ibanez.
The handle, in al Saddle has 22 boxes of spares for medium frets on a rosewood fingerboard offers gorgeous grounds pearly shaped flames.
The bridge is a fixed Gibraltar III and the strings are set up by the back of the guitar through the body.
The nato body (I think) is topped with a table Saddle Mouchet sculptevritablement superb!


The handle, though more than the standard ibanez pais, trs is enjoyable for both positions of the fingers "classic" for a more "roots" with the thumb on top. The key is let go enjoyable and the frets are medium sized and not too thin or too wide: in short, a compromise precision / comfort.

CHAC is good for acute and no more, but personally I have big fingers so I do drang has not, however, shredders fans of all triplets in dernires boxes will can be evil.

The SZ520QM has a good weight, but it is reasonable and it octroit a good sustain. The right hand can be (re) pose on the bridge without ropes and stifle the forearm gn will not be because of the table carving.


The sound is good trs, despite the fact that these are signs ibanez pickups. The saturated trs are enjoyable and friendly but I've seen (well heard ...!) Much more aggressive (I possde of EMG 81 on another guitar). No. The metal is available but with a good amp gross.
In his clear, the sound is enjoyable trs, can show a certain roundness as slamming on the basis of the game only regret the absence of micro split which would have made even more versatile!

I use it to rpt 'with my Yamaha DG 80 or so with my V-Amp 2 and s'aclimate surperbe any sound.

My only complaint is that they do not have the sound off-phases, crystalline or one of my strat's ultra distorted and compressed like a prs or gibson lp (in fact the midrange is more forward). But for its price, it is great dj.


I've had two months and I'm crazy! At this point my other guitars make me face!
Its strong points are its beautiful violin, comfort and good sound.
Not REALLY weak spots seen its price range.
His report is more than excellent qualitprix (580).
A possible could be investissemeny to offer high-end microphones (ie EMG81 for big sound, either MODELS splitables).

A BMOL however: the entrourage mtalique mics start DJ oxidize (palm right), but I have a trs corrosive sweat ... Medium term and see like all the guitars of this price which we see the limits of production after a while.