Jackson JSX-94
Jackson JSX-94

JSX-94, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the Concept series.

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nozebone 04/15/2005

Jackson JSX-94 : nozebone's user review


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-Guitar factory in Japan
-22 Frets, 3 pickups jackson (2 single and double pickup)
Pink Floyd-jackson.
5 micro-selector switch, 1 Volume 1 Tone button.


- The handle is very nice for the lover of sleeves for typical home jackson elsewhere.
- Access to treble is very correct model even if is in any case is not intended for the soloists.
- Weight level one does not mean it's not a featherweight but everything is very correct and well balanced (I never soufert the shoulder even after 4 hours of repeated). Rapel shape the jacksons PS, it is rather strong (mine took quite a coup very ugly and have never suffered too much!)


"I jou for 5 years with a death metal group trends and always satisfied me. I Minten useful in a project influenced by the sound of MINISTRY, GOD FLESH .... and it sounds awfully good!
This guitar will suit rhythmic metal because it's a fairly aggressive and good sustain, I personally no longer uses the bridge pickup I've also changed to a Seymour Duncan for more precision. DO is obtained grants in the sacrament a heavy anyway, plus I played on a Marshall Valvestate which increases even more metal sound.
To which the selector pickups I do not use very little (or not at all because the variations are not super interesting to me is with, and does not sound too much when we use the microphones sleeve).
In the end we are containing from 20% of the settings and it does not turn that around the same sound .... hoping that we like. Moi perso she is suitable for heavy rhythm, but we share things more complicated, it's a little mess at her.


It is now something like 6 or 7 years that I used, and has served ... oddly repeated regularly in concert and turns ... it does not drop me!
It's particularity lies in AC resistance and the fact that you feel comfortable top al. The downside is that it is not his polivalente level.
I tried other models before and pandent, I turned to her and a series ibanez S. .. bein I ended up selling the S but I have kept the Jackson.
Relative price level quality I do not even know how much it costs new ... we've offered me and the person who have had a purchase a 1000, 1200fr about ... not much . (150 to 200 wholesale)
With the experience I will make the same choice, a great guitar to begin with.