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Jackson JX10
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MGR/Darren James MGR/Darren James

« Jackson JX10 »

Publié le 03/13/04 à 15:00
I bought this guitar at guitar center in burbank il. used for $190.00 with no case.
I got it because the triple jackson custom sey dunc hot rails had great tone.
And i really wasn't interested in getting robbed for all my dough on a guitar that was no better than this except the hefty pricetag. And it was my favorite guitar in guitar center.

It is the best guitar i've ever played.
It looks and sounds great, it's truely everything i wanted my new guitar to be.
I Had a bad experience with my last guitar purchase it wa a dean ml, This is more like what i'm used to which is strat copy with single coils.
I find it has comparable resonance to prs guitars @ $1600.00 Ans similar or better frequency response to prs pickups it is better than any ibanez i tried easily.
I Think some jackson could compete but the frequency response was overall better with the hot rails than the hums in the other jacksons and the price was right.

It doesn't fit particularly well in many strat copy cases so i couldn't get a molded case or anything i wasn't offered a flight case and they had no custom molded cases therefore it is caseless.

lil wobble in the pups but i guess that is not altogether uncommon is it?
Any ways it's really only minimal; Not a problem.
The flush rocking trem is very cool. It is made with a neck built in india I guess as far as foriegn built guitars go that's not half bad they built it there special because of the neck material i guess too so i think that is alright overall.
tuners are really good, fretboard is quite nice rosewood actually; very cool looking as far as rosewood fretboards go.
I love the thickness of the body quite hefty and quality looking, feels great.

Over all i'd say that any competition on a comparable price range would certainly be decimated. And as far as non price comparable products certainly it is a guitar to be reckoned with.
I would give no design precedence over it with out consideration of the few guitars out there that come with comparable stock pickups! The stock pickups on many expensive guitars find there way into a pile of garbage or on ebay pretty quick but hot rails are famously excellent pickups and these being specially designed jackson exclusive custom hot rails they are comparable in valuability with vintage gretsch or gibson! They are slightly uncommon guitars as well i've found in that they are not on musicians friend so it is definately worth picking one up.
I fell in love with this guitar at the store and had to have it that's when you know its right no ad campaign influence or marketing strategy victimization just excellent playability and sound quality good parts good name and very nice craftmanship from the styling headstock to the well designed dinky style body A+

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