Jackson DKMG Dinky
Jackson DKMG Dinky

DKMG Dinky, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the MG series.

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fabulus fab 10/20/2004

Jackson DKMG Dinky : fabulus fab's user review


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Quality manufacturing to correct a japanese is a guitar that has the geule! bomb with a body a little more work than Ibanez sizes in the crude. only problem is changing the pots as soon as possible, and the floyd which tends not to be just a few weeks of use. Brief for a guitar that has the geule, you either have to pay the price, or choose what type of guitar and customize the look a little bit.


Channel enjoyable, although as it should, a good luthier is in a rglage ncessaire (SFG guitar) is originally a guitar for the metal I think, with EMG HZ passive with a turbo boost. (Sound is taking the beginners, but quickly realized the lack of precision of its pickups) therefore also personally I change the pickups (Di Marzio Air Norton and Steve special) this allows the guitar to be a little more versatile.


Basically it's a guitar to sound in distortion, so do not expect a great quality in its calir, especially the humbucker makes a round, warm if you want but lacks clarity.
Revenge in a distortion in going, it's not active but the microphone has good grip even when.


For two years I have is a guitar that I've almost any change to be able to make e most versatile guitar, good for 875 euros but do not expect an esp. in short it should be noted that price quality ratio is a choice worth sre pertinant trs. cio's Pomeranians.