Jackson DK2FS Dinky Firestorm
Jackson DK2FS Dinky Firestorm
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MGR/Luke 12/14/2003

Jackson DK2FS Dinky Firestorm : MGR/Luke's user review

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i bought this guitar on a closeout sale at modern guitar in reno for 420$ and it is an awsome guitar.

this guitar is the same as the DK2 made by jackson but has a built in disotion boost.the sound is great when you plug it into a nice amp. i tried it on a peavy 50w and it sounded great. i play it on a rouge 100w at the time wich doesn't give it the best sound but i've played it on many amps and its sounds very good. the neck is an awsome skinny slick neck that lets you play easy and fast. one of my favorite things about the guitar is the built in distiorion boost. you just hit a switch to the right of the volume, tune, and gain control knobs on the guitar and it turns on the firestorm electronics. the gain is of course controled by the gain knob next to the volume and tune, but only is active when you hit the switch so you'll be playing, you hit your switch and you can get a huge boost of gain and depending how loud you are playing it can also add a lot of volume.

after playing the guitar for about 2 months after i got it i noticed that the sound was getting fuzzy and not as much distortion when i hit the switch. the guitar still sounded great like a DK2 jackson but my favorite part was screwed up. well don't worry when that happens you you if you buy a dinky firestorm because like all distortion pedals the jacksons built it distortion pedal takes a battery as well. so when you battery runs out you can still play your guitar with the awsome sound that is already has with the distortion switch off, and you can replace the battery really quick by unscrewing a plate on the back of the guitar in about 5 minutes. frustrating when i didn't know what was going on, and i wish when i bought the guitar he would've told me about the batter but its all cool now.

the consruction is awsome. like i said it has a nice slick neck for fast and easy playing. i love the jackson head and the locking tremolo. a read a review on a jackson guitar that to tune the guitar you need to spin the bottom tuners a bunch of times to just go down a note but thats not true, you maybe have to turn it twice and a lot of the time not even once but this gives you precise tune that stays in tune with the locking tremolo

if you love distortion like me and like play punk and metal then you will love this guitar because thats what type on sound it'll give you.

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