Jackson USA SL2H Soloist
Jackson USA SL2H Soloist

USA SL2H Soloist, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the USA Select series.

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MGR/Topher Brown 07/01/2002

Jackson USA SL2H Soloist : MGR/Topher Brown's user review

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I paid $1200 for this guitar one year ago. I got it at the Guitar Center in Seven Corners, Virginia. Since then, I have practiced for hours every day on it, used it for numerous live shows and recording sessions, and traveled with it every few weeks. I got it because it is the ultimate Jackson, and the best possible metal guitar for the money.

I like the fact that this instrument is totally specialized for metal. The bound ebony fretboard in particular is wonderful - it feels ultra-smooth, and the compound radius makes you significantly faster immediately. I was considering buying an SL-3, which would have come with a rosewood fretboard for a few hundred dollars less, but I definitely recommend spending the extra money. The stock Seymour Duncan pickups have great crunch and good clean tone. The Floyd Rose was perfectly balanced and set up from the factory. The finish is superb, and the thru neck feels wonderful. The instrument sustains almost indefinitely.

I have found Jacksons rather difficult to clean, because they have lots of corners to reach into. Also, there are times when I wish the guitar had a more versatile sound. When playing metal, which is what I do 95% of the time, it is the most amazing guitar imaginable. With playing clean blues or jazz, which I do every once in a while, its tone sounds somewhat thin. This is just due to its degree of specialization - I don't really consider it a disadvantage, because if it were more versatile it wouldn't be so great at metal.

Of course, there are major advantages and disadvantages to a Floyd Rose, but I assume that if one is considering this guitar one has already made up one's mind about them.

The construction and quality is impecable. I have used it constantly for a year under widely varying conditions, and nothing has broken or come loose. The screws are all still tight, the finish still glossy, and the tone pots free from any sort of crackling.

If you appreciate fine metal instruments, you'll know this is the perfect guitar as soon as you pick it up. It feels instantly comfortable and you will feel like a true hard rock sophisticate playing it. If you have any questions that I didn't answer, I'd be happy to help you by email - mine is spiral811@hotmail.com

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