Jay Turser vintage series
Jay Turser vintage series

vintage series, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jay Turser.

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Stephen Lucas 08/29/2018

Jay Turser vintage series : Stephen Lucas's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
I play this through my Boss ME-25 multi-effects pedal with headphones, mostly soloing and general guitar wankery.
The build upon inspection looks quite good, the finish is excellent.
I had to get it set up properly and intonation set, but once that was done it played great and the intonation was bang on.
It's a very easy guitar to play, would take it over a competitor brand any day.
The pickups leave something to be desired, however it is only the bridge pickup that I take issue with, as the middle and neck positions are quite pleasing to my ear. However a complete pickup swap would make this a way nicer guitar.

Pros: Nice wood used for the neck, rosewood and figured maple, feels very nice and is easy to play. Good quality for the money, much satisfaction from playing. Good looking with a nice finish all around, Nice vintage look and the bridge is a little better than what would be on the competitions version.

Cons: Had to get the wiring fixed a couple times now, bridge pickup doesn't sound as comparably good as the middle and neck positions.