Lâg Rockline Avenue
Lâg Rockline Avenue

Rockline Avenue, STC-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the Rockline series.

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lagrelle 04/14/2004

Lâg Rockline Avenue : lagrelle's user review


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Guitar Franaise (cocorico!!) A remarkable violin:
basswood body, table Saddle Flamm (mine is blue green, giving the impression of a stream of water on the table !!!).
The handle 24 cases is in touch with Saddle bne, mother of pearl inlay fawn "shark teeth", jumbo frets and 7 dernires scalloppes boxes, short of great art.
For the rest volume, not a floyd Tone Lag duncan pickups and 3 TB11, ssl-5 and sh1 served by a push-push volume, much ingnieux a push-pull by the way.
Honestly look at my profile and you think of my guitar, I personally think the cast really Avenue and we know immediately that we are dealing instrument trs neat and beautiful Aesthetics


The handle is good trs. Jumbo frets allow smacking good notes, the rear of the handle is fairly flat and my convenience. The heel is kind of profile easily reach dernirers box, they scaloppes same for bends furious. For the rest of the floyd Lag silent correct, the original floyd that I put in does not move a hair.
Otherwise the weight restetrs suitable form stratum is comfortable trs


This guitar is versatile trs. With slecteur 5 positions and a push-push, you get 10 sounds!
The bridge pickup has a good level of output but is trsmdium (Duncan TB11), I changed to a tone zone. The handle has a round but I prfre the sound of the paf pro. the central position combines the two hubucker is unusual but gives good rsultats. Intermdiaires positions are good that way splitter and then give (mainly in position 4, Splitt neck pickup + central), sound mtallique but not at all like Fender.
In short, the range of sounds is great and we can discuss a lot of style, even if the hard rock and are recommended.


The report qtpx is excellent, I Rasht Miiller time. Having replaced the floyd Lag by Pink Floyd original, then the bridge pickup with a Dimarzio Tone Zone, I really the instrument of my dreams!
I tried a lot of US Jackson and I can say that this is perfectly Lag Rockline the road against the Amricaines.