Lâg The Blues
Lâg The Blues

The Blues, STC-Shaped Guitar from Lâg in the The Blues series.

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ErcVlls 06/11/2004

Lâg The Blues : ErcVlls's user review


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-There are several types of the blues guitar. The Memphis Blues, the Blues, the blues of Texas ....
-Some are manufacturing Franaise, across core and China.
The one I speak veus c'edst the Memphis Blues.
This is a guitar-like tlcaster with 2 microphones (one rack, a sleeve). That the bridge is a seymour and that the handle a lag.
The sound is very correct model is intended primarily for clear sound. The bridge pickup is really great with it sounds very clear IDAL for rhythmic. the neck pickup is less prcis and has a very hollow sound (no teeth). The combination of the two gives a fairly hot Somewhat Deffinitions dja but not male.


Guitar solos sound great for light or rhythmic. The sound is prcis is a ring. Not quite at a tl but approaching!
The handle is in my opinion more enjoyable and a prcis tl.
It is a correct weight and Access in very good highs.
The sound is good sutout involved clear. saturation is a way. For fans of big sounds, go your way, for the lover of beautiful sounds kind of fender to play solos or rhythmic blues type is gniale


For me it's the perfect guitar. Warm, perfect for prcis pretty rhythmic. I played with an amp hughes and Kettner Vortex 80 W. A prihori is not yet a idalie amp sounds super hot promised!


I cracked on her because she is so beautiful and the sound is really clear at the top. The only complaint is the neck pickup that lacks a bit of precision is good but not male dja.
I prfaire, his look, his finitionb and bridge pickup for sound.
I buy 340 euros for the new store was - 60%. I think it costs normally not far from 850 euros. So for the price I think I will not mieu Tuva. Again, the finish is really superb!
If I ever did it again this choice