LTD H-302
LTD H-302

H-302, STC-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard H series.

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madien 12/23/2004

LTD H-302 : madien's user review


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Here are some features on my guitar, bought two years ago.

- American design and manufacture Korean
-24 Frets, two duncan design humbuckers splitables via a 5-way switch, volume control and tone
- Fixed bridge (strings attached side table, not the back)
- It is a race driver, across the table from side to side so no screws ...


- Thick handle super fun to play (I made the metal is nickel!)
- Access is easy to acute
- Aesthetic worked (I have a dark blue translucent) a very nice watch!
- Relatively large weight, but not excessive
- Sound good? take your jack, your amp, branch and pushes knob you will see that yes!
-Only negative: the golden finish mics tend to fade o benefit of a silver certainly pretty but ...
This is the only problem for the finish of exceptional quality both in lacquer, wood, electronics at the level (no problem in 2 years, and reweighed as many concerts!)


- I used in my group (Sylvie Cycle) and this guitar satisfies me plain. Alternating clean / saturation is not a problem.
- Until now I use it with a pedal and a Korg ax1000G stack marshall MG series, but I intend to evolve in the course of a large or ENGL Randall soon! The sound is very very very very correct!
- In the neck position I can get a clean sound, warm, "round like a ball" lol and the dealer EQUAL Lampl, you would think a folk guitar!
- In the bridge position, a good distortion in sortoie and go for palm mute the most frenzied. Big sound in perspective!
Nothing wrong with the sound level.


I use it for a little over a year! Very good guitar as a whole. Presented at € 1,049 at the time (before prices will collapse aaaaaaarg!) This choice proved justified and profitable. At today's prices, it is even more! run!

thank you for the price just to read me

See you soon!

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