LTD M-302
LTD M-302

M-302, STC-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard M series.

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MGR/nick the quick 02/24/2004

LTD M-302 : MGR/nick the quick's user review

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  • Email, guitar playng is more than a hobby to me, paid $350.

this guitar is awesome. it has a neck through body, aroowhead inlays, and the passive EMG H4 set. also has a floyd rose licensed bridge. the neck o this things is ridiculously fast. and it looks hand crafted by satan himself ( the good satan, not the bad one). i would recomend buying this guitar to anybody, but hurry up because they dont make them anymore.

i literaly don't dislike anything about this guitar. picks scratch it easily but i like that.

its made of mahogany, and maple. and is a neck through body, three peice has a floyd-rose licenced trem, EMG Hz pickups, arrowhead inlays, and a reverse headstock. all black hardware.

overall, this is simply the greatest guitar ever made. i think everybody who listens to meagdeth should buy one immediately. and then learn all their songs.

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