Schecter Omen Extreme-6
Schecter Omen Extreme-6

Omen Extreme-6, STC-Shaped Guitar from Schecter in the Omen Extreme series.

MGR/Josh 06/20/2007

Schecter Omen Extreme-6 : MGR/Josh's user review

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I have been playing the guitar for approximately little over five years, now. I began playing classical music (I still do to some degree, but not as often) but have expanded since I became more fluent with the instrument. I now play everything from Classical/Flamenco, to Funk, to Metal, to Jazz (And some wacky experimental stuff).

Bands/Artists I like in particular: Jaco Pastorius, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Kaki King, Bela Fleck & the flecktones/Victor Wooten.

I purchased this guitar at "Steve's Music Store" in Toronto, Ontario. I payed $550 new (CND, tax not included.. 600 something with tax I guess.)

How does it feel:
When you pick up the guitar you instantly notice the feeling of the neck: Flawless. The feeling is very comfortable and still, In my opinion, one of the cleanest necks i've ever felt. Then you feel the action on the guitar... low and perfect. I ussually have .10 or .11 strings, but this guitar makes them feel light as a feather.
How does it sound:
The pickups are fantastic! Because the body is a heavy wood (Basswood), it gives a very full and heavy sound... Very similar to a mahogany Les Paul. The sustain on this guitar is absolutely amazing, I believe it has something to do with the string through body bridge setup. With distortion this guitar also sounds great! It gives a very clean/crunchy sound and is almost perfect if you're into very fast and exciting shred guitar.

The guitar features a push/pull pot. switch. When pushed, the guitars' pickups are at normal settings (They sound as mentioned above)... When pulled, the two humbucking pickups are transformed into a single coil setting and 2 halves of the 2 pickups are disabled... This sounds absolutely awful. A strong buzzing sound is heard from the amplifier and it gives a very twangy/trebley noise... Similar to a telecaster that has been dropped a few times.

Another thing I don't like about this guitar (Which doesn't matter) is the name... Omen Extreme? It's a beautiful amber finish over a quilted maple top and they call it extreme? Schecter knows very little about marketing.

I can't say any other negative things about this guitar (Except that I had to re-solder the patch chord input due to my own stupidity.)

According to the "Schecter" website, these guitars are manufactured in South Korea and setup/constructed in California. The neck profile is a bolt on, while this is not a mark of craftsmanship, it is cost efficient and I don't really mind.

Nothing on this guitar is very complicated so it is not likely to fall apart or be subject to many repairs. I other words; It's solid.

There is no tremolo system, so that takes out a probably many guitars have.

This is an excellent guitar and is very versatile with what ever you're playing.

I'll put down the specifications for you:

BODY: Basswood w/ Figured Maple Top
FRETS: 24 Jumbo
INLAYS: Vector/perloid arrows
PICKUPS: 2 Schecter Alnico humbuckers
BRIDGE: TOM w/ thru-body
BINDING: Creme (body, neck, headstock)
TUNERS: Schecter
HARDWARE: Schecter

Notes: This guitar is not listed on the USA section of their website (try any other country). (Pictures and more information)

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