Squier Affinity Stratocaster
Squier Affinity Stratocaster

Affinity Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Stratocaster series.

nickolas 06/11/2005

Squier Affinity Stratocaster : nickolas's user review


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Made in China
21 frets (which wear trs SPEED)
vintage vibrato
3 micros simple
2 tone, 1 volume, a 5-way switch (the tonality is not efficient trs between 1 and 9)
Alder body (the sunburst finish), maple neck, rosewood key
The painting is beautiful (2-tone sunburst) but trs fragile (in 1 year of heavy use, there are four large pieces, a field of many small scratches and exploded due to the rivets on the jeans back, and a field shot mediator on the upper body.
The tuning is fairly well if you do not martirise vibrato (which I did)
the pickguard seems to be a cheap, it is cracked and twisted
Briefly, my guitar took 30 years 1year

6 because -2 and -1 for painting not because the quality fender c (tones, pickguard) and-1 for freight


This is one of the main cheaply and this scratch: its poid.Elle tr2s is slight and fine trs, trs what makes it enjoyable to play as sitting upright
trs the handle is enjoyable, since I have a fender 'I find the one cargo is small, the hammers does not rev well but it is perfect for beginners.

8 because the handle is not fender but the ergonomics of the instrument is our perfect beginners


The sound of this guitar, the prices are good and close trs sound TARS, but I find the bridge pickup is a criard.mais all positions remain usable with a small preference for position 2 (bridge + middle ). Please note that the guitar is enormment feedback is good to play trs Parisian walkway Garry Morre (note the super long end of the trs vertion is hard to live with the TV but It goes with the squier alone if mastering one can) or Santana's Europa chiant.je but sometimes also found that if you register (or group) the sound is a little too fragile, lack of ampler and not apparent enough in the group, but that's not what we asked what kind of guitar playing in his room this dfault remanque does not.

7 does not sound as good but its not rev more than sufficient to play in his room


This guitar is exellent are in Rolle, guitar for beginners (that's why she conceived t) and is in addition to dot a very good price quality ratio (215). I advise all beginners, but pass this stage, when we start playing shows, he wants to register components mieu change, I have tv's now have a fender but I do not regret this purchase, it m 'dcouvrire allowed the electric guitar without ruining me.
9 because it is perfectly fulfills role