Squier Stratocaster (Made in Japan)
Squier Stratocaster (Made in Japan)

Stratocaster (Made in Japan), STC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Stratocaster series.

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perducrasse 08/30/2005

Squier Stratocaster (Made in Japan) : perducrasse's user review


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Manufacturing Coren, Japanese pice. MODEL rare in France (the only sries taient not distributed). The "Corenne" not reputable trs good, but the violin of it is good and fittings trs follows (mcaniques oil bath, horse fender). Only microphones n'galent not their Japanese equivalent (but can always change).
21 boxes, microphones Squier 1988, three simple
easel "vintage Fender"
3 rglages classic 1volume, 2 tone
Channel stocky, late, rosewood fingerboard


Channel end, medium frets.
Accs easy to acute (it's a Start)
Neither too heavy nor too lgre, trs well rpart weight.
The pickups lack a little EHJV but remain in the mind "strata"


Trs versatile
Jou a 25w. Fender transistor or a Marshall 100w. lamps
This gives little prs all types of sounds one would expect from a stratum. That said, it is especially the violin that is good on this guitar for a more correct, it would change the pickups (they are not bad but trs, even when they lack the PCHE)


I use it for fifteen years, I needed to settle it once.
The violin is good trs, the varnish of the handle is trs enjoyable, the key is lgrement bomb, which is rare on guitars of this type.
I tried Fender (Mexican, Japanese and amricaines) of Japanese Squier and Coren. I found it to abroad when I was looking for a "small" guitar. I tried dj Squier core but taient to beginners of the 90s of poor quality so I had trs t surprised by it with the violin making remain silent and that Squier suprieure now!
I had to pay 2200 francs era, c'tait a fair price for this guitar.
If I had to find a guitar that is playable and trs Cheap, yes, I would reiterate the same thing!