Storm PG400
Storm PG400

PG400, STC-Shaped Guitar from Storm.

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Avangogo 08/31/2005

Storm PG400 : Avangogo's user review


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Guitar made in Japan.
24 frets
Two microphones and a simple double associated with a 5-way switch
Bridge classical (or Floyd or Wilkinson) but not too out of tune the instrument (I'm not a heavy user of vibrato lol)
One volume knob, one tone (both are pretty hard ...) and a 5-way switch.
The handle is screwed.


The handle is very comfortable, it connects the riffs without problems.
Access to acute could not be easier: you reach very easily the 24th cargo.
The guitar has a very functional form stratabound. For cons, I find it a little small but hey, it's my first guitar and I have tried very little.
The sound is excellent for a guitar of this type! It may be close enough to a folk guitar with the neck pickup and dual microphone is great for distortion even if it becomes a bit messy in the bass (try before you buy metal for use ... )


I think this guitar can suit just any kind of music.
For my part, I do not nag too much metal but otherwise, anything goes: Red hot, Hendrix ...
I use a 30Watt amp, Alesis spitfire. The guitar makes it very clean and well its a little less distortion in (can be of the amp).


I use it for ... uh 2 days! But I'm already hooked!
I think it's a very good investment for those who want to start electric guitar without breaking the bank too ... Because it has nothing to be ashamed of some more expensive guitars.
Previously, I played on a Stratocaster copy, I try a Squier Stratocaster and a storm pg300 infinity (equivalent model at any point, the only difference is the finish a little further on the PG400)
I do not really regret my purchase!