Storm ST350
Storm ST350

ST350, STC-Shaped Guitar from Storm in the ST series.

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Yif 07/23/2005

Storm ST350 : Yif's user review


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- Guitar factory in China or Korea, the finish is trs good value but it is Obviously far from being the great violin.
- 21 frets, 2 humbuckers and 1 single microphone in the bridge position.
- Bridge Standard Stratocaster type.
- A volume knob and 2 Tone classic micro slcteur 5 positions.
- Bolt.


- The handle is quite correct, enjoyable play.
- Access in acute is fairly easy but all the same limit nanmoins used to it quickly.
- This is a copy of stratocaster, weight is impeccable, the forms allow a game as comfortable sitting upright.
- The pickups dlivrent an appropriate level but all the same limit and have well Obviously little or no personality but that's not what we want to kind of guitar.


- I play all styles with preferences for rock and metal and versatility is the main strength of this instrument.
- I have beginners with this guitar on an amp 30W Drive, then it is hard to get something suitable at the level of distortions. Branch with a multi-purpose (VAMP2) are obtained IMMEDIATE sounds much interressants the moment that is not looking too big sound. Finally a Marshall 100W hybrid, the sound is just fine.
- The microphones and instrument making are what they are: the low end. Nanmoins of relatively good low-end: the rendering is honorable, however, is obviously imprecise, a drooling (the lover of pure will be happy unless we manage good rglage guitar / amp (difficult to a total beginners)).
- It can affect almost any styles with this guitar the moment it is not looking for great sound unless you have a high end amp. I put 6 because the sound is even when no quality especially when we know the best stuff, but MRIT average for a versatile and is intended to beginners.


I've had a little less than two years, with her I learned to play and it has more than enough. Nanmoins we get tired quickly ds we have a little experience: we want to spend anything, speed suprieure. Moreover, even if the rglages take trs well since then, the microphones are dj simple change: APRS even adjustable, a strong addition to the sizzling noise "character teristic "microphones simple and makes it unusable and it would be foolish to invest in microphones, their price would suprieur the guitar itself. This problem is probably not gnral on all guitars of this model but mine has always maintained t.
It is clearly intended for beginners looking for a cheap MODEL, after learning they pass quickly and we want to get to the resort from time to time just for fun. But this view is the excellent.
The report qualitprix trs is good: the quality is relatively low (Low-range forces) but the price is low trs.
With exprience, I may be prfrerais plutt a better quality guitar, but used for learning. But I do not regret having chosen. I put 6 because you can not get over that kind of guitar (imagine it with a Gibson cot 9 or 10 that Vigier ...).