Vantage 818GDT
Vantage 818GDT

818GDT, STC-Shaped Guitar from Vantage.

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Tyrgen 01/31/2004

Vantage 818GDT : Tyrgen's user review


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Error my guitar is a Vantage 818GBT
Apparently Old style SAMICK Valley Art
she looks like a (Please Jackkkk):
made in Korea
24 frets, 2 single 1 double pickups (no info on their models vantage y'as written above)
Floyd Rose tremolo GOLD (c y'as written licensed but not really on a bridge replaced dja)
5-way switch 1 volume knob and two buttons pitched treble
a handle about 40mm D pais, rosewood fingerboard? ; Practice for my big hands
Bolt, but sustain CARREMENT reduced (4A7 his second no effect depending on whether or not I waves)


Pleasant to handle my large hands and my crooked fingers
(Although C-shaped ca t would be better puet)
ESG a little at the 12th fret (too srr)
Access in acute without too much problem except 24me box or position the hand impose +
the size of the hoop is a little difficult for big fingers inexperienced
ergonomic shape strat nice, but heavy
we just get great sounds, but sometimes you get them


A versatile mid-range, from blues to heavy metal or even a little shouting it is a nice (but fo push the amp or have a Vamp)
it sounds great VACUUM! Indeed, having a test for beginners ibanez vacuum to compare, I noticed it sounded better (not to sustain the course)
--- Paste the ear on the body for an IDE you will see that the difference between some models is striking.
With the experience I think it should be thanks to the wood, but I do not know the reconnatre
level violin, I know nothing except that all mcaniques (floyd cmpris) seem to be in tin or brass coated with a varnish dor (fragile koi), but they are qd even a lot of tuning that I saw the circus they are subjected.
The microphones should not argue, however much it sounds like she qd (after cleaning and polishing adjustable ropes with lemon juice).
why the sound come out of this guitar sound bluesy little closer, but I care far from being an expert, just a scratch but then level trs trs medium)


I've had about 2 or 3 years
I love this passage is heavy mtal (acute aggressive) to a more "fenderien" at least the possibility to move from one world to another with little effect.
I had virtually no other model essay before, it's my guitar every Premire
and I found good value for money.
for the era I found only one shop on the internet who actually sold at the price indicated by the Seller or for more 3000F

with experience I would not buy, but I fantasize about a JEM (sign steeve vai) or a white '67 reissue Flyng V