Washburn KC-60V
Washburn KC-60V

KC-60V, STC-Shaped Guitar from Washburn.

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Vince Brooks 11/16/2012

Washburn KC-60V : Vince Brooks's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Guitar relatively rare, it seems, because I did not find any pictures of this model on the internet ...
The mounting plate of the handle indicates that it comes from the United States and it was made in Illinois (it's good, it is one of "Chicago Series").
The bridge, Floyd Rose type is homemade (model 600-S) and is associated with the clamping system at the nut.
The neck, maple with rosewood is key, with 22 frets, while the frets are medium jumbo width while being slightly flatter.
Black, the body is alder and has 2 microphones "Washburn Eliminator": a single level handle and a double at the bridge.
These pickups were replaced with Seymour Duncan Little 59 in round one and SH4 in the bridge. There is a potentiometer for volume while a second is intended to split tone and microphones via the push-pull system. The selection of microphones is via a three position switch (neck pickup, neck and bridge, bridge), making a total of six different sounds.


The handle is very nice, it is very close to an American Standard Stratocaster (width, radius and thickness are almost identical).
The gaming experience are very close, if not that is better than the Washburn Strat regarding access to acute: it accesses the last frets very easily with the indentation is very pronounced.
It is very easy to play, and a bit more modern than a strat while being close enough.
Small flat on the guitar (which was recently loaned me): I think she remained injouée quite some time, so it is slightly too tight. I tried to loosen the rod, but it is blocked. Too bad, becuase it is a bit steep ...
Holding the tuning is average, it is correct as long as you do not use the vibrato arm way too far ... It is not too big flaw, as it is a cheap guitar and it is not a "real" Floyd. This is very annoying, on the other hand, it is the vibrato arm that fits into the bridge but without fastening system, making it fall risk whenever the guitar is "face against the ground" .


I can not comment on the sound obtained with the original set of microphones, because I do not know this guitar with the current set of microphones (for the record, it belongs to my father who made the change microphones a luthier, was not too thrilled with the original pickups).
Small problem: the neck pickup is very indented with respect to the strings (almost 1mm), which results in a too low in general and more specifically in relation to SH4, which is placed correctly. Unfortunately, there is no way to raise the height of the SL59 with the current mounting system, so there is a slight difference in volume between the two microphones. Too bad, because it prevents me from properly assess the opportunities it ...
For cons, I can speak on SH4, I discovered on this guitar. I think it goes very well with the violin Washburn, providing definition, grain and fishing, making it a very micro to play solo in particular. Clearly, it is nice var remains fairly clean and articulate, and when the splits, it sounds very close to a Strat, the velvet less ...


I play for 2 months or less.
Home, I played with a modified Strat U.S., an Ibanez RG and SG (currently), so I had a good opportunity to compare.
This is a pretty nice guitar to play, and that would be a rival to the much more expensive guitars without defects identified above (but that do maybe this guitar).
For a guitar of this price, I think it comes out really not bad ... I would keep as many backup guitar during a concert, to be honest!