Washburn N4 Relics
Washburn N4 Relics

N4 Relics, STC-Shaped Guitar from Washburn.

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iamqman 07/07/2011

Washburn N4 Relics : iamqman's user review

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Nuno Bettencourt is in my top three guitars players of all time. He has a swing and swagger to his guitar playing that is not only melodic but catchy as well. He has a great rhythm hand and lead all in one. His solos are perfectly crafted and special each time. Many solos from people can be pointless or seem just like some guitar Olympics. His though fast at times has a point to make and carefully thought out.

This guitar highlights his playing style and really gives him the tone that is required to go along with his playing style. This guitar is made to look old right out of the factory. he has continued to play his original N4 and if you have ever see it it looks like it has been rode hard and put up wet. Washburn has done the work for you on this guitar.


Aged solid alder body (N4 Vintage)
Aged hardware (N4 Vintage)
22 fret maple neck with ebony fingerboard
L500 Bill Lawrence® bridge pickup
Seymour Duncan® '59 neck pickup
Schaller Floyd Rose® tremelo
R2 chrome locking nut
Stephens® extended cutaway 5-bolt neck joint
Spanish Luthier's headstock joint
14" pitch-angled reverse headstock
Grover® 18:1 tuners
Buzz Feiten Tuning System™


This guitar feels good right out of the box. It has a thin neck profile and makes it very easy and convenient to play. You can relax a little more and be able to slide up and down the neck with ease.

At the bottom of the neck it have a routed neck joint that allows you to reach the higher frets. If you have played a fender Stratocaster then you know that at times it is hard to reach the 20th fret because of the neck heel. Washburn has eliminated the awkwardness of playing in that register by carving out the backside for easy fret access.


At new these guitars come at around $2250, which not a bad price for a custom shop guitar. Even though it is Washburn and Not fender or Gibson the custom shop build on these guitars is excellent.

I would recommend any Nuno Bettencourt fan to own one of these guitars. They are very fun to play and sound great. The body shape is slightly smaller than a Fender Stratocaster. it has a similar shape but slightly smaller in profile.