Washburn NX3
Washburn NX3

NX3, STC-Shaped Guitar from Washburn.

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MGR/Intermediate Guitarist 03/20/2004

Washburn NX3 : MGR/Intermediate Guitarist's user review

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Bought at musicians friend for $280
I bought it because it was pretty inexpensive and it has nice features. It was a closeout special, highly recommend that you get in on the deal while you still can.

I like the neck. I was very afraid at first that the neck on this guitar wouldn't be as nice as my epiphone les paul and that it would be hard to play and there would be too much spacing in between frets. This wasn't true and it feels awesome. The fretboard is very nice and it is a very fast neck overall. The grover 18:1 tuners rock and they are very smooth. The floyd rose bridge is awesome, it allows guitarists to recreate many cool bending and stretching techniques. I love being able to hit the harmonics and dive bomb. The micro tuners and the locking nut work very well. The steven's cutaway allows for very easy access to the upper frets, all the way to 22. Very nice playability. The standard humbuckers are ok but the coil tap is very cool.

I don't really like the humbuckers that much. They are still good but they sound a little muddy under heavy distortion. I still like the sound but the output isn't the greatest. The amount of work needed to string the guitar with a locking nut and a floyd rose tremolo system is a lot. One has to spend around an hour just to put new strings on, i.e. clipping the ball-ends off of the strings, locking them down in the floyd rose, etc.

Pretty high quality. The finish, the neck, the tremolo, the knobs, the coil-tap, the tuners, the locking nut, the switches, the volume, and the tone are all very nice. The fretboard and steven's extended cutaway are also very nice. I don't thik the screws are all that well made because I tried very hard not to strip the screws that hold in place a cover that allows access to the truss rod and i stripped them. Not so I had to get new screws or that they are stuck but they are not very hard metal. The construction seems very solid and it seems well made to me.

I like this guitar very much and the price was awesome. You should check this guitar out because it sounds nice, it has nice features, looks very nice, and plays nice also. Check it out.

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