Whale Narwhale 2
Whale Narwhale 2

Narwhale 2, STC-Shaped Guitar from Whale.

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rockeur60 11/06/2008

Whale Narwhale 2 : rockeur60's user review


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Whale narwhale II maple neck traversanten, body aule and walnut, rosewood fingerboard.
-Made In Korea
- 24 Frets
- Standard whale Vibrato
- 1 volume, 1 tone
- Channel crossing

I would put 8/10 because the vibrato does not hold much alas the agreement


- The handle is a real rgal I played on Jackson and it's a real highway
- The access to acute is really easy (especially of the neck-through)
- Trslgre not emcombrante and really comfortable
- Sound is simply a rgal


- It's perfect my style of music (rock / Hard Rock)
- I play on a Vox AC30 with metal muff and overdrive (and echo park for clear sound)
- The neck pickup (Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates) is ideal for good old rock pchus it dgage of very good harmonics.
The medium (Seymour Duncan ssl1) I used a lot for the acdc I think it sounds really good in this kind of register.
Finally the bridge pickup (Seymour Duncan SH4) serves me hugely for big riffs fawn Scorpions, Metallica, Iron Maiden and for leads is a real rgal.
Only BMOL the SH4 sounds very cold, but you say it's not done too much for me, clear sound that kind of micro


I use it for almost a year
- I love the face and sound of this guitar, but the vibrato is really low end
- I have fallen on this guitar through a forum, she tai 222 with flycase and strap included, I saw the LPs and the mouth I immediately made heating the blue card.
- I think the price is unbeatable quality, price or I pay is the price of three microphones almost.
- I would do this choice without any hesitation