Yamaha EG112U
Yamaha EG112U

EG112U, STC-Shaped Guitar from Yamaha.

alchemist 08/04/2005

Yamaha EG112U : alchemist's user review


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Made in Indonesia
22 frets, 2 pickups a simple double splitable
5-way switch, 1 volume, 1 tone
Maple neck, rosewood fingerboard


This is a beginner guitar but the interface is pretty nice the neck is fine and fast enough (although I would have preferred larger), last frets easily accessible. It is very light and provides well rehearsal and on stage, you can play longer without getting tired. In addition there are only two pots so for sound, plug and play.
Note the crappy vibrato and unusable.


For a beginner guitar it sounds really good! The single-coil sound as well (see more) a strat Mexico, for against, low-end microphones obliged, it hums a lot, but with the right mix of pots it out.
on the other hand'm booked for the humbucker, it sounds good but quite cold and lack of potatoes in large distortion of nag (channel insane LINE6 SPIDER II on 212) I sometimes find it difficult to distinguish the input and a single hb . By not guarantee against evil and crunch sounds bluesy.
The positionsi ntermédiaires of little interest and are used with the TONE 0, more gadget than anything else.
In short a good sound and have played live on a Marshall JCM 2000 DSL100 (all lamps yum: D;)) it provides a lot, especially in clear and crunch.


I have this little Indonesian for 1 year 1 / 2, and it has never failed. Very good investment to start electric guitar is versatile and possesses a more than respectable. on the other hand once we know what kind of sound it is sought quickly shows its limits and it is better to opt for a new skyscraper that to make a change in pickups (medium quality wood, vibrato unusable, cabling means).
If I do it again this choice? If I were the son of Bill Gates not really, if not all Fauchere like me There's no problem. Either way I like it I will never sell, now is sentimental.